• Jain Anurag
  • 04 Oct, 2022


Normally E-way bill means an electronic document generated on the GST portal for the movement of goods.

A person who has registered under GST cannot transport goods, documents, or devices in a vehicle whose value is more than Rs. 50,000 without an e-way bill that has been generated on the website.

When E-way bill is generated?

It is generated when the value of goods being transported is more than Rs. 50,000

  • In relation to a ‘supply’;
  • For a reason other than ‘supply’;
  • Due to inward ‘supply’ from an unregistered person.

For this purpose the supply might of the following below:

  • A supply is made with something (payment) in return in the course of business.
  • A supply is made without anything (payment) in return in the course of business.
  • A supply is made without anything (payment) return.

For this type of movement of goods e-way bills must be generated from the common portal by any best residential Interior designers in Mumbai company.

For some specific goods, the e-way bill must be generated mandatorily even if the value of goods is less than Rs. 50,000.

  • Inter-state movement of goods by the principal to the job worker.
  • Inter-state transport of handicraft goods by a dealer is exempted from GST registration.

Who should generate E-way Bill?

  • Registered person

If a registered person transports goods that value more than Rs. 50,000 then he has to generate E-way Bill.

  • Unregistered person

When the supply is made to a registered person by an unregistered person, he also has to generate E-way Bill.

  • Transporter

Transporters carrying goods by rail, road, air, etc. need to generate E-way Bill if the supplier has not generated it.

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